SS 23 MSU x PathLight Coding Club

Teach a girl to code and she will change the world.

Photo of homes in the Belizean countryside by Cameron Wilkins and of Mayan ruin in Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve by Robin Canfield on Unsplash. Remaining photos from prior Spartan Coding Clubs.

About MSU x PathLight Coding Clubs


The MSU Spartan Helmet logo and the PathLight logo on a green background. A partnership between the College of Engineering at Michigan State University and PathLight International, MSU x PathLight Coding Clubs offer computing instruction designed to be inclusive of all — but especially of girls and economically disadvantaged youth living in Belize. MSU student-mentors guide Belizean secondary school-participants through a fun, engaging and empowering learning experience. Together, mentors and participants explore how computing enables advances in virtually all disciplines. They meet diverse role models, who are discovering technologies that transform lives. Participants practice computational skills and learn basics of web development using HTML and CSS. In the last half of the session, they complete a collaborative project for the MSU x PathLight Coding Show Case. They develop lasting friendships.

Spring 2023 Session:

  • January 11 through April 1.
  • Orientation Meeting: Wednesday January 11, 7 pm — 8 pm (Belize Time)
  • Club Meetings: Saturdays 10 am — noon (Belize Time) from January 14 to April 1 except for the first two Saturdays in March (March 4 and March 11, when MSU is on break).
  • An optional Bonus Hour is offered weekly: Thursdays 7 pm (Belize Time).
  • To receive a Certificate of Completion, participants must attend at least 8 of the 10 scheduled Saturday meetings and complete a final project.
  • A team of MSU mentors will visit select locations in Belize in early May to hold award ceremonies for participants who successfully complete the 10 week program and offer a short in-person technology workshop.

The Spring 2023 MSU x PathLight Coding Club will consist of 2 cohorts of about 30 participants each. All cohorts will meet virtually. Participants will receive the Zoom login information by email in the week before the first meeting. The information will be sent to the email address(es) provided at registration. Participants should white-list to prevent notices from going to spam.

Remote meetings require use of a device with at least the capability of a Chromebook connected to the internet. Although not required, we recommend the device is equipped with a webcam and microphone to permit full engagement with mentors and other participants.

Course software will run best in Chrome, but is compatible with other web browsers. The most recent version of Zoom should be used.


Photo of 4 girl coders feeling empowered at a SGWC Show Case

The future of a globalized economy is female
In Belize, free education stops at age 12. Many families cannot afford school fees for all of their children. Secondary and tertiary education for sons is often prioritized over secondary education for daughters. As a result, few girls have opportunity to learn important 21st century skills, like computing and information technology (CIT). The CIT gender gap leaves girls ill prepared for the jobs of the future, which increasingly require strong computational skills.

MSU x PathLight Coding Clubs empower girls in communities that often undervalue girls' education to develop skills and creativity in using technology and inspire them to stay in school and eventually pursue careers in CIT. The project builds participants' self-esteem, confidence, and skills. It connects them to successful role models and mentors. It broadens their horizons as they learn that careers in computing are important, flexible, rewarding, abundant, and satisfying.


Drawing of the Belizean flag. White round seal on blue background with red top and bottom stripes. The seal contains two men holding tools, a shield, a tree, and greenery. Girls and boys in 1st through 4th forms (9th and 12th grades) living in Belize.

The SS23 club is full. Fill the MSU x PathLight Coding Clubs Interest Form to receive notice of future offerings of Spartan Coding Clubs.