February 16th: Week 6

This week was all about conditionals! We can use these to tell the computer how to make decisions. We also got to meet a representative from Ford and work on our Impact Projects!

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February 9th: Week 5

We learned about web development this! Students got to learn about HTML and CSS. HTML stands for Hyper-Text-Markup-Language and CSS stands for Cascading-Style-Sheets. Both are used in Web Development, HTML handles all the content of a page and CSS styles it. Next week we'll be going back to Python and learn about conditionals.

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February 2nd: Week 4

This week, our students got to decide what themes they wanted for their Impact Projects. In the Junior Club, students joined their Impact project groups and began discussing ideas for their project. The Senior group will be creating groups next week.

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January 26: Week 3

Students this week got to program using a IDE application called Spyder. Spyder allows programmers to develop Python code, run, and test it all in the same platform. Our lessons this week taught us about loops and how we can use them to write more our code more efficiently. The Spotlight this week was Grace Hopper, one of the most influential women in computer science, famous for creating the compiler, and coining the term 'debugging'. Next week we will learn more about loops and start deciding on our Impact Project ideas!

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January 19: Week 2

This week our mentors and students all got to learn more about to each other. We also started to learn about Python, our first coding language! Python is a low syntax programming language that is great for beginners. Students began learning the basics by starting to learn about Variables. For our Spotlight this week we got to learn about Miral Kobt, an innovated computer scientist who combines her passion of programming and dancing together into one performace. This week we will learn about loops in Python and how they can help us program more efficiently.

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January 12: Our first day!

Last Saturday was a complete success for both of our Spartan Girls Who Code clubs! Both clubs showed great enthusiasm for coding and had very high engagement in the classrooms. We got to explore coding with a great activity by Made/wCode by Google and students can check it out here! We also got to learn about Ada Lovelace, the first computer scientist who lived in the 1800's. This week we will learn about more famous women in computing, get to know each other better, and start to code in Python!

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July 29: Getting ready for Spring 2019 SGWC

Applications for Spring 2019 Spartan Girls Who Code will be accepted through November. Notifications will be sent by December 17.

The SGWC website is being updated in preparation for spring 2019. The web materials from spring 2018 can now be found by selecting Clubs => Past SGWC Clubs.