Week 9

And just like that...

We're done! We're so proud of the Students for all their work over the last 9 weeks, we're so proud of all the progress the students made!

Before we dive into a full recap of our final meeting, we've got a few key announcements to share.


    1. Final Meeting

    Saturday, November 19th was our Final Meeting of our 9-week program.

    2. Looking Back

    Can you believe we're done? Time flies when you're having fun! Check out our current page for the slides from each meeting.

    3. Surverys

    If anyone forgot to fill out the Post-Partcipant Survey and Parent-Survey, please don't forget to fill those out. Virtual Cohort Post-Participant Survey , In-Person Cohort Post-Participant Survey, Virtual Cohort Parent Survey, and In-Person Cohort Parent Survey

    4. Spring Interest Form

    This spring, we will be offering Spartan Girls Who Code, an MSU student-led coding club introducing 6-12th grade students to the wide world of computing. Combining games and mini-projects with guest speakers and team-building activities, SGWC is more than just another extracurricular—it’s a community. We believe coding should be fun, and we aim to make it so! There will be both in-person and virtual sessions, local students are highly encouraged to register for the in person sessions. We will be teaching a web development curriculum, using both HTML and CSS.

    5. Questions?

    As always, please reach out with any questions / concerns / ideas / feedback to

Final Projects

We are so proud of the students and their creativity. Throughout these past 9 weeks we have been able to see the students grow and thrive as coders. On our final week we were able to highlight the students work with a project showcase from each cohort.

In-Person Cohort

White Cohort

Green Cohort

Congrats for completing the 9-week course, Technovators! We're so proud of all your hardwork.

-The Technovation Team